Laura Loh is a Hampshire, UK-based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer with a background in classical and jazz music and an inclination towards alt-pop and alt-folk. 


Being born into a musical family, she classically trained in singing, piano, and violin at a young age. At 13, she picked up a guitar and started writing songs. 


Her official debut came in the form of her EP, Sunrise, in 2020; two standout songs were swiftly selected for the BBC introducing Tracks of the Day List. 


Away from the airwaves, Loh has played Weyfest, Westival and ValeFest, and graced Abbey Road studios with her vocals. 


In March 2022, she released her single Morning Light, an optimistic blend of alt-pop and folk. In addition to the songwriting, Loh weighed in on production with her co-producer and frequent collaborator, Joe Wright, at Hillside Studio. 

Morning Light was the start of a new era for Loh; the inspirational track was enough to inspire a shift in genre, style and boldness to produce her own soulfully infused sound. 

Now, she has ventured into new pop territory with her self-recorded and produced mental health advocacy single, Closer, which was officially released on May 20th.